The Happy Bead Shop takes pride in our ability to supply quality beads. We are delighted to offer transparency about the materials used to in all of our products.

The following is a list of our materials:

  • Recycled glass beads: Old glass bottles and jars are crushed into powder and then fused at extreme temperatures by glass artisans. The powder is then placed in an outdoor over and transformed into a molten liquid. Using a metal rod, artisans are then able to shape and design the each bead, one-by-one.
  • Lapwork beads: Craftspeople dedicate their time to produce one-of-a-kind beads with used glass and rods, also known as stringers, made from molten glass. They created accent each bead with distinct features  inspired by their culture. 
  • Natural beads: Natural beads are produced by nature. Beadmakers use their skills to shape and hand-drill holes in coconut shells, animal bones, wood, and seeds of fruit. We carry different types of natural seeds that are ethically-sourced from Central and South America, Africa, and Asia. Our bone beads are cruelty-free and made from cow, bison, and goat.
  • Gemstones: Coral and semi-precious stones are a natural phenomena occurring in every part of the world. All of our gemstones are genuine and of the highest quality, grades AA, AAA, AAA+. Our collection of gemstones originate from every region of the world.