When the safety of others, and the welfare of the planet is taken into consideration, the Earth is more beneficial to all forms of life. We understand that once our Social and Economic responsibilities are taken care of, all else will fall into place. Therefore, we are committed to Fair Trade practices and strive to ethically produce quality products, recognizing our responsibility to minimize our impact on the environment.

As part of our commitment to sustainability and fair trade, Jordan Beads:

  • offers only paper packaging
  • conducts Fair Trade with artisans worldwide, contributing to the heritage of craftsmanship and the upheaval of local economies.

Our beads originate from the Mediterranean, Africa, the Middle-East, Asia, and the Americas.

Economic Impact

We understand the importance of economic benefit in order for local artisans and craftspeople to live comfortably while working at their crafts. Knowing this, we make it our duty to ensure that all of our artisans are compensated at a fair price. We conduct trade at Reasonable asking price and consider the fluctuation of global currency rates.

Artisans are never paid below their asking prices. We often purchase from third parties at their Reasonable Asking Price. We define "Reasonable Asking Price" as the price set by a business partner or supplier based off:

  • The supply needed and current market trends (for USA suppliers)
  • The supply needed and exchange rates of the local currency and USD (for International suppliers)

Our priority is trading in a manner that is harmless to the environment while providing customers something special, produced in an ethical way.